NutPile Internet Monitoring runs on OpenWrt / gl-inet devices

NutPile Internet Monitoring runs on OpenWrt / gl-inet devices

Thank you for allowing us to post about NutPile Networks in your forums and for testing our software and finding that it works on gl-inet products.
NutPile Networks has a special offer for gl-inet users.

About NutPile

NutPile Networks offers a solution for monitoring your Internet connection performance to end the mystery of outages, intermittent and ongoing problems. Know exactly when, where and with whom network problems are with and how it affected you. Even share reports on Facebook.

Reports show Internet performance details such as frequency, length, average times of outages, average latency, fully automated speed testing, hops that were down, who owns the hops, historical data and much more. Users can even receive emails where outages do occur.

Customer support companies use NutPile and our gl-inet devices installed at customer locations to quickly determine when customers are experiencing Internet outages rather than VoIP or other connectivity issues saving them time and money. However, NutPile is also perfect to remote workers, remote cameras/devices, IoT, anything which depends on reliable Internet connectivity.

The Monitoring Software (aka agent)

Our software runs on OpenWrt based devices such as the ar71xx based GL-iNet 6416 and the ramips based MT300N. It also runs on other devices which have only 4MB flash/32MB RAM. Our agent also runs on Windows 7/8/10, Centos7, Debian7. If you’d like to use the monitoring agent on other platforms such as development bards, one of our versions might work.

Special Offer

We seek your help to determine which devices our software will run on in order to update our list of supported devices. We also wish to encourage as many people as possible to use our services so that we can continue to put network providers on notice that we are watching them.

We typically ship pre-configured devices but with your input, we can accumulate and share details on how NutPile Internet monitoring can be added to various devices.

Get a free year of full feature NutPile monitoring when you confirm with us that the agent runs on hardware not listed and provide documentation/steps on how others can get their device running. We will happily support you in our forums.
Get three months free of full featured monitoring by installing an agent, creating an account in our forums for support then contacting us with your ID on this site.

The agent software and supported list is available from our control panel (
Simply sign up then create an agent for which ever device you would like to test on. You can test on your own OpenWrt build or using the factory gl-inet build.

Some instructions are provided when you download the agent and we have set up forums ( where we can support users that would like to take part. We do not want to cause undue support issues for gl-inet and ask that all questions relating to using the NutPile service be posted in our forums and not here please. We can help you to determine if you should be posting here or in our forums.

You can also find help, articles and information on our main site at including an FAQ on using the service under the Help menu.

An expanded version of this post can be found here.

Please join us and start monitoring your Internet today.