Official OpenWRT on GL-AR750S


I’m wondering how well official openwrt currently runs on the original slate… anyone have any experience?

I’m confused between the NOR and NAND issue - what is the simplest way to have vanilla openwrt installed and then updated?

… Can I just install from LuCi?

Thanks for any advice

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I do not know for GL-AR750S, but my AR300 is pretty fine of stock OpenWRT.

The NOR and NAND issue was an issue with older versions of OpenWRT as OpenWRT did not support one of those memory types (I believe NAND). Nowadays you have 2 firmware images available for this router. One for NOR and one for NAND. So that’s not an issue any more. The only slightly tricky thing might be switching between NOR and NAND firmwares. There are commands for that.

I believe you could simply install it from luci or uboot. Do make sure that if you’re running on NAND-firmware (default) that you install the NAND image of OpenWRT (same for NOR of course). Do not keep the settings when going from factory firmware to stock OpenWRT.

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Oh so you can indeed just update to openwrt through LuCi - that’s good news!

Is there any advantage to NOR or NAND… are the open source drivers well supported and functioning well?


NOR offers only 16MB space. The device starts from that when it fails to start the NAND firmware 3 times.
NAND is the default storage, which is 128MB.

ath9k and ath10k will be as good as it will get for drivers. It might however be slightly slower in certain things compared to the original Qualcomm drivers.

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maybe @diver68 can comment?

Sorry for late reply, I use the NOR/NAND Version of OpenWrt. OpenWrt Firmware Selector