One SSID, multiple Wifi AP, Ethernet backbone

Hello all,

I am trying to deploy internet access in a very old house with massive walls, no landline, and very poor 4G access except in one place of the house.
This is why I would like to configure one AR150 as main router/ tethering internet gateway/wifi AP/DHCP server placed where 4G connectivity is good. Easy.

I would like to extend the Wifi network with other AR150 that will play the only role of AP. They would be an access to the main router with internet access through the ethernet backbone.

I know how I would do if it was different SSID. But I know it will be very annoying, therefor I would like a unique SSID for the whole house. For AP which spread a wifi network not mixing with the one of another AP, I could very much set the same settings. But what happens when two AP have their wifi mixed ?
How the connected device will react ? By example, will it stay connected to the poor wifi signal while there is a strong one available from another AP ?

Here is what I would like to achieve :

Doing some research, it seems that I should dig about mesh-wifi with a ethernet backbone.

Is it achievable with AR150 units, with OpenWRT ?

Any input are welcomed :slight_smile: I have to say that I am lost and still not sure what keyword should I look for…

Actually you need to try the simple way.

Just change all the SSID and key to the same and use different channels to avoid interface.

Then set all the route in wired bridge mode. You can do this in the UI then use the switch button to change to bridge mode.

Your phone will roam between these nodes. It is the phone to decide which router it will connect to.

same solution as alzhao

ONE SSiD and multi AP,

same encryption method
same password
major point is each AR150 need different channel.

if not, the mobile cannot change AP when movement.