.onion pages not loading in tor firmware v1.4

I can’t get any .onion pages to load on any of my devices connected to my ar-150 through tor. I’ve tried resetting the router, but that doesn’t help.

I recall that v1.2 had this problem and v1.3 fixed it. Are there any settings that can be changed to make this work again, or will it require a firmware update?

I’m running tor firmware v1.4 on an ar-150 in repeater mode.

I just tried and .onion websites load in v1.4!

At first it is not loading but I can use other website. But after one minutes, it works. I am not sure why .onion website load slower.

Can you try?

OK, I’ve kind of got it working.

Initially I couldn’t load them on any web browser or device, even after a 10 second reset. I performed a factory reset from luci and tried again. After the last reset I still couldn’t get any to load. Websites are failing very quickly, so I started thinking it might have something to do with dns. I checked that my devices dns servers were properly pointing to the ar150, they were. I preformed a nslookup from the command line, and it returned an ip address, so dns is working. I tried in safari and chrome on my iPhone, doesn’t work. I tried in safari on my mac desktop again, still nothing. I tried in chrome on the desktop again, it works.

So the problem seems to have something to do with Safari. On the iPhone, all web browsers (even 3rd party) use the same webkit engine that safari uses, so even if you think you’re using a different browser, you’re really just using safari with a “skin” on it. This is why chrome on the iPhone isn’t working.

So this problem has something to do with Safari. It seems like it isn’t trying to resolve the ip address at all. Can anyone think of a reason that Safari would fail to load an .onion page?