Online but not online? Double nat help

Picked up an Opal for travel. I can't seem to get online with it though. For my testing I set it up behind my Unifi Dream Machine Pro, so its getting an IP from my default network (mind you I've done this with other routers without an issue). The internet page indicates it has a connection but when hard wired into the Opal or wireless to it, I have no connection. I added a static IP for my laptop and added it to the DMZ but no luck. On the multi-wan interface, I turned off internet status tracking, but that didn't help. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?


please read this topic for basic troubleshooting and collecting information How to get support quickly

Besides all necessary network information it would be nice to know if ping and nslookup fails as well.

These are not necessary. Can you just give more details with screenshots.

What screenshots and details do you want?

Pings and tracert's all fail to domains or IP's.

screenshots of the router web admin panel

After 4 factory resets it just started working :man_shrugging: