Online Upgrade Latest Firmware is not the latest

I bought the GL-X3000 recently. Its a great device.

According to the Online Upgrade panel I have the latest firmware 4.0 Yet I see in the Downloads Page the latest stable version is 4.4.6. Im suprised the Online Upgrade doesnt pick this up or does it only pick up major upgrades. Im happy to manually upgrade but wanted to make sure Im not missing something obvious first.

Thanks in advance!

The newer firmware has this facility, which should fix the online firmware checking.

Brilliant. Thank You!

One last question. Can you confirm that the latest version 4.4.6 has the filename

and after manual upgrade with this that the Upgrade panel will look like

Not sure but should look like this.

Yes, this is the latest firmware. But, if you flash it with the beta (nightly) version, you you notice a new switch for online firmware checking.

Even the one you installed I guess does the online checking but in the background.

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