Opal firmware 4.3.11 bug, online Wifi clients not removed

There is a bug since firmware 4.3.11 for Opal router, that wifi clients which disconnect are still shown under Wireless as connect. but with 0.00B/s spee.

in this example these two are long gone but are still show as online

Same issue with 4.3.11 firmware on all my Spitz GL-X750’s.

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Same here glinet opal 1200

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@mkdr did you find a solution for this problem?

No, this post is a bug report post.

“We have noticed this issue, but we failed to reproduce it. Could you tell us what state your device is in and what the model of the client is?”

Did a basic test using iphone. When I disable wifi on my iphone, it disappears from the list after 10 seconds.

What kind of devices do you use?

Iphone and Android phones… only disconnected when i reboot my opal 1200

Region = Europe

Can you check the software version of the iphone?

@mkdr We have determined this is a firmware issue and will fix it in the next firmware upgrade, we are sorry for this bug if it bothers you

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