Opal GL-SFT1200 mode question

I continue to struggle on some of the various network modes.
I am trying to remotely connect a wired device to my home network using Opal.
So my remote device gets wired to Opal and Opal connects to my home Wifi.
I want the remote device to be discoverable on my home network.

It sounds like I should choose Repeater mode, but I know that puts a firewall between the remote device and my home network, and the app I use to connect to the remote device does not recognize it.
I had some success with Extender, but it doesn’t seem to always work.

I do not need Opal to re-broadcast anything - I just need Opal to connect to my home Wifi and provide a wired connection to my device. I then need a network appliance on my home network to be able to recognize that the remote device is on the home network.

This seems quite straightforward, but I can’t quite seem to get it to work reliably.

It is possible that my issue is that I am using Opal to repeat a WiFi being broadcast by an access point that is hard-wired to my home network. So my remote device is hard-wired to an Opal LAN port; Opal is configured as a repeater connected to the AP WiFi. And the AP is hard-wired to my home network router.

You need a “Repeater” (i.e. Opal connects to a WiFi WAN) + “Extender” (i.e. Opal’s LAN is the same as your WiFi WAN). You can then go to the Wireless section and switch off the Opal wireless. What sort of unreliability do you find? Are you sure it is related to Opal’s setup and not to the application you are trying to use?

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Go to more settings->network mode and choose Extender. It is also called Wireless bridge.

Thanks, both. Yeah, I actually think the issues are my lack of understanding regarding how IP addresses are getting assigned to devices connected through Opal. I made some progress today, but need to check robustness through a few power cycles.