Opal GL-SFT1200 running Nordvpn still showing local ISP location sometimes

Running OpenVPN client on my 1200. Using Nordvpn profile, have selected several different countries to test.
What is my IP address? - IPinfo.io and https://www.whatismyip.com/ show the VPN country location

https://ifconfig.co/ and https://whatismyipaddress.com/ show my local ISP location and information.

I have tried both 4.3.7 and 3.216 firmwares. V3 has the Killswitch option. Version 4 I have tried with and without Block Non-VPN traffic option.

What am I missing?

Mostly browser caching, I guess you tried it before starting VPN already?

Try another browser while connected to your VPN.

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Do you have IPv6 enabled on your router? The firmware currently only supports IPv4 routing with VPN… so, unfortunately, you’re leaking on the IPv6 side. The only “fix” currently available is to disable IPv6 (yeah, I know this isn’t always an option for all usecases).

-edited to add screenshot from my X3000-