Opal (GL-SFT1200) set as extender stopped working

I’ve bought an Opal (GL -SFT1200).
I have a Fritzbox sharing wifi at my home, i would like to set the Opal as extender because is in another room, to attach a usb drive and use it for backup purposes.

When i set Opal in extender mode, all stopped working, it take an ip of my wifi lan (that i have setted static on my fritz webadmin page) and nothing else.

I cant access to it’s webadmin page, despite i use the “fritz” assigned ip and obviosly also the usb sharing not works.

The only thing that seems to work, it’s the ping :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s i’m doing wrong?

Afaik, this is precisely how “Extender” works: It copies all settings from the main router and disables all other services.

When you use Access Point/Extender/WDS mode, you may not connect to the web Admin Panel again. Try to access the web Admin Panel by the IP address that parent router assigned to this router. Or you can Press and hold the reset button for 4 seconds to revert to Router mode.

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So, when i set to Extender, i can’t access to usb shared folder anymore.
Thanks for the info!

If I have read this correctly, you don’t want a repeater but a wireless bridge with access to usb storage?