Opal latest OpenWRT firmware

Just got a Opal SFT1200 and a bit disappointed to see it’s running OpenWRT 18.x. How secure is this since it’s an old codebase? Is there a way to run OpenWRT 21.x on Opal and keep the Gl.inet interface? I see there is a beta 3.215 beta 1. Is that still 18.x based? Or do I need to send this back and get a Slate or Beryl instead?

Thanks. New to these (but not new too OpenWRT).

Sorry the answer is NO update for Opal to latest openwrt.

Newer is not the same as ‘more secure’. Newer also got new issues.
See Debian vs. Ubuntu, for example. Ubuntu is more bleeding edge, but Debian is more stable. Secure are both, because of the handling of known issues. And GL.iNet is even providing Beta Firmware, that related known issues can be fixed fast in your environment.

I do like to start in my Beryl with a ‘well known’ codebase. Almost every topic I’ve had, is already covered in a FAQ or forum post, with a working solution.
And If I’ve got more than one device, I can flash direct OpenWRT. At least for the Beryl the source is: [OpenWrt Wiki] GL.iNet GL-MT1300 v1 … Here I can be bleeding edge, without the stability GL.iNet is providing at the moment.

The last point is very important for me, while on the road. Much more important than the latest (not necessarily safer) versions and services.