Opal with OpenVpn no internet access from local lan

I configured a router (I have several Opals and a Mango) to connect via WiFi to an internet network in DHCP, connect to an OpenVPN as a Client, and configured a local subnet with a different class ( on the local LAN side ( rj45 and WiFi master); this is to be able to reach the devices of the gl.inet local network (those with class with portforwards from the VPN and everything works perfectly. The problem, however, is that the devices on the local network ( do not have access to the internet. How can I solve it? I believe that the problem is the different network class, between the local network and the WiFi internet network.
I attach some configuration screens
Thank you

While we’re waiting on someone with the appropriate IP Tables routing skills, consider:

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Thanks for the suggestion, I made a diagram of the system, in practice the class does not access the internet.

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What’s the openvpn server?
Try traceroute on router:

traceroute -w 1 -q 1 -n