Open the case of AR750


I use the AR750 as a small router for my telescope setup. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, it rained tonight and all the electronic equipments attached to the telescope were rain soaked. I don’t know which is dead and which is not. But before trying to switch back anything, I want to dry as much as I can all the electronic boards. So I need to open the case of the AR750 to allow evaporation and check that all the water is gone. Can anyone provide me with a link, images, or description to open it without breaking plastic plugs? Thank you in advance!

You need to take off the little rubber feet and undo the little screws underneath and then you can “split” the case apart.

Most times it is enough to cover the device in rice.
For mobile phone drying I’m using washed rice and put the device in a very thin layer of (household) paper.

When I know it was in contact with ocean water, I also let it swim in distilled water, before. I don’t know your rain, but at a heavy rain near the north sea, I would do this, too. I know how my car looks like, after a nature shower.
Pure water (H2O) isn’t harmful to electronic. It is the salt and the minerals that are building unwanted electric bridges.

For instructions to open the case, look towards the bottom of this post:

[OpenWrt Wiki] GL.iNet GL-AR750

@limbot: Thank you very much!

@LupusE: Yes, I know that trick. But I wanted to have a visual inspection.

@eric: perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you+++

Rice is a crock solution. Even if it removes the moisture it will leave residue from the mineral in the water.

FULLY submerge it in 99% isopropyl alcohol before it dries as this fully displaces any water. Then let it dry for a full day. The alcohol will evaporate with no residue.

If the water is already dry - take it apart and fully clean it with isopropyl alcohol