Open VPN server configuration


Anyone please tell me about the open VPN server configuration process.

Please explain to me for that configuration if i need two routers where the first one will run the VPN configuration then download the config file to install it on the second router?

Please advise if the VPN server configuration will need to be installed on a router that connect to a service provider and the other client router will be on the same home ISP network as the server router

I need explanation about the diagram and configuration structure.

You can refer to the tutorials of how to set up vpn server and client Overview - GL.iNet Docs

Setting the router as VPN Server

Scenario: You put the router in your home or office, set up as vpn server, then export vpn config for your clients. You can configure the vpn on other routers, smartphones or pc.

Configure as Openvpn server OpenVPN Server - GL.iNet Docs
Configure as Wireguard server WireGuard Server - GL.iNet Docs

Setting the router as VPN Client

Scenario: You have a commercial vpn service provider, then you should get vpn config from your VPN service provider and then configure on the router.

General guide to configure as vpn client VPN on Router - GL.iNet

VPN Basics

You should not use vpn and server at the same place. VPN is used to connect two network in different locations.