OpenConnect Client for GUI

Hey this router is just awesome I bought this GL-AR300M.
I am just missing a openconnect gui to connect to Cisco devices with this router. For example Company VPNs and so on while I am on the road.

So a GUI integration like OpenVPN would be great or in the Advanced Mode (Open-WRT)

I used the OpenConnect package from Open-Wrt and tried to connect via console:

But no tun0 interface is created and I get always this error message:

Script ‘/lib/netifd/vpnc-script’ returned error 1
Script ‘/lib/netifd/vpnc-script’ returned error 1

It seems like a Bug in OpenWRT

This bug is almost 2 years old and not fixed. It workes great on my raspbian Pi with raspbian.

Whould it be possible to port this to from raspbian to a GL-AR300M package?
The best would be to create a owen Client for the GLI Web interface like the OpenVPN Client.

I would love this!!! Or has anyone a hint how to get openconnect client working on the GL-AR300M (OpenWRT)???





thanks. Will test this. But I have no cisco devices. Any hint to get one openconnect account?