OpenMPTCProuter build for GL-X3000

I’m really stunned by and possibilities which it solves for me. Recently I’ve bought GL-X3000 for my RV with dual sim and this MPTCP solution is ideally for my purposes. However, not a single GL.Inet device is currently supported by OpenMPTCProuter and I’m forced to do build it on my own.

I’m software developer, however I’m totally not into OpenWRT and some aspects are not really clear for me.

First - as I see GL.Inet provides custom interface for OpenWRT distribution. Still, I’m able to access LuCI, but the main interface is delivered by GL.Inet itself. Can I potentially build OpenMPTCProuter adding all remaining gl-* packages later? Finally, I would love to have current functionality but based on modified OpenMPTCProuter distribution. Is that even possible to do?

Second - will clean OpenWRT distribution work with 5G router and all others hardware? Or is it something custom from GL.Inet? Let’s say I’m installing clear OpenWRT distribution on my GL-X3000 and expect all functionality remains. Is that possible?

Any tips and advices are more than welcome.

Link to OpenMPTCProuter hardware support request: Spitz AX (GL-X3000) - Wi-Fi 6 Dual-SIM 4G/5G Cellular Gateway · Issue #2905 · Ysurac/openmptcprouter · GitHub

FWIW/FYI: OWRT can be run as a VM. The current GL GUI builds are 21.02 while 22.03 is coming. Perhaps you can prototype & push the confs over to the GL device & see what breaks.

I doubt it without a performance hit, some breakage. These devices run a licenced proprietary SDK under the hood, IIRC. Some seem more difficult to work w/ than others (eg: Opal’s SiFlower). @solidus1983 is working on clean/pure OWRT builds for the Flint, Slate AX. Perhaps he can share some tips/insights.

Side note: It’d be interesting to see what kind of blowback OpenMPTCProuter causes on WireGuard as WG is UDP… if it’s anything like OpenVPN trying to tunnel UDP via TCP, I shudder to think of the choked pipe.