OpenVPN (40% faster speeds?)

I was reading about the use of 128bit encryption vs 256 encryption with the consensus generally being that 128 is ‘secure enough’ (source) whilst around 40% faster than 256-bit.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to modify the .ovpn profile to switch to 128bit from 256?

Also, has anyone tested or found a significant speed difference if using 128bit encryption? As I imagine this would have significant performance implications on devices with limited processing power such as GLI routers.

In my opinion 128 bit is secure enough for everyday use. In effect, one good padlock will stop your bicycle being stolen - no need to put two on it!

Regarding changing the OVPN file - yes this is possible but you need to ask your VPN provider for details (ie. give you the stronger certificate).

Personally, I wouldn’t agree with the 40% speed difference between weak and strong encryption.