OpenVPN access to local network of vpnserver

I have configured my AR300M with openvpn to connect to my home VPNserver.

The local address of the VPNserver is 192.168.6.x, the openVPN assigns the range of 192.168.7.x to clients (that is the AR300M) and the AR300M assigns the range of 192.168.8.x to its clients.

When connected to the VPN I would like to be able to connect to other devices within the 192.168.6.x range

Please can you confirm whether its possible to adjust the settings to allow this.

I replied you somewhere.

I am not sure about this. That really depends on what protocol do you want to use. If you want to work like just in one subnet, you may need to set up bridge. They may be a way to assign all the clients of AR300M with IP 192.168.6.x, but I don’t have the configuration on hand.