OpenVPN and WireGuard Compatibility Report

Good to know. I wasn’t aware of this.

Smartphone app, generally have some trackers, to gather how the users use the app, thus to optimize it.
The app developer may get some data, e.g. heatmap, but nothing personal.
Of course Google may have everything about you.

Because most are doing bad is no excuse. Some don’t implant trackers in their apk.


TrustZone VPN WireGuard and OpenVPN are working well on Beryl. You may add it to the list.

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Added to the list. Does it has separate username/password for vpn connection?

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TrustZone supports both WireGuard and OpenVPN. By the way I’m using TrustZone’s WireGuard on Beryl.

Yeah TrustZone have separate username and password for OpenVPN protocol.

I used VPN.AC for a year. Good service with knowledgable customer support (ALEX). However they record IP address everytime you connect to their service (From their privacy policy). At least they are trasnparent about it.
I am with TrustZone now, maybe after this I will go back to VPN.AC

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Hi just to add
OpenVPN service providers that uses a specific VPN connection username/password to connect.

CyberGhost has a Separate VPN username / password BUT having issues connecting, once connected is OK, this problem is still unresolved.

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Just an update on CyberGhost, the difficult to get a connection problem I have, I emailed technical this was their response:
OpenWRT is not currently supported

Integrated more vpn provider on the smartphone app for wireguard and openvpn.

What in God’s heaven is bolehvpn and Astrill VPN doing on here?
Those services cannot successfully do a google search?

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It shouldn’t come as any surprise to advanced users but it’s possible to use pfSense and OPNsense as VPN servers, as you might do when you’re traveling and want to VPN back home. Both OpenVPN and Wireguard work.

ProtonVPN officially allow downloading of WireGuard Config Files :slight_smile:

Please add it to the list here :stuck_out_tongue:

*Tested with Beryl and Flint.

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For purevpn, pls find vpn username and password as in the images.


Caution: when you use the copy button to copy the password, it adds one empty line. So please correct the password when you paste.


Update: Nord vpn is now using Service Credentials to connect VPN.

PureVPN officially allow export the WireGuard Config Files (Looks like they are still update the system, some users can see this new UI, some users not. The old UI doesn’t have this option).

Here is where to find the vpn connection username and password for expressvpn.

I tested dedicated ip with openvpn (purevpn) didnot work on GL-MT3000 ,firmware updated to 4.5.0 release 8

Not an router nor an OpenVPN issue.
PureVPN does not support OpenVPN for dedicated IP.

They only offer PPTP for that.

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For dedicated IP you can refer to