OpenVpn and Wireguard in the same time GL-AX1800 Flint or GL-AXT1800

Hi all,

I’m wondering if somebody has a solution/guide for using 2 VPNs in the same time

  1. OpenVpn / with NordVPN connected to 1 desktop wired
    and in the same time
    2 . WireGuard connected to AzirVPN for all other devices in wifi

what software I need to install to manage ? because in UI interface is not allowed multiple connection OpenVPN and Wireguard in the same time .

I’m using GL-AX1800 v4.4.6
Thank you for any suggestion.

@bring.fringe18 :thinking:

Would you recommend your setup or is it for advanced users only?

I’ve never ‘mixed moded’ OVPN & WG Clients so take this all with a box of salt as the coffee hasn’t fully kicked in yet:

Provided the GL GUI allows both active OVPN & WG Clients, OP would have to test Customize Routing Rules for GL GUI Proxy Mode/VPN Policies, it seems. I’ve never used it. Auto Detect policy could work if WG Client/Server confs are set for proper AllowIPs routing to isolate WG only for those specific LAN Clients.

This would override all other VPN Policies/Proxy Mode(s), of course.

Again, this is all theoretical using stock firmware. Custom iptable rules may/may not be required.

(But I still prefer PBR ATM or GFTO. /s)