OpenVPN client IP addresses not reachable

I have a Brume V2 I’m using as an OpenVPN server and a Beryl MT3000 as an OpenVPN client.

The VPN is established and all VPN tunnel addresses can be pinged.

I can ping the LAN IP address of the Brume V2 (OpenVPN Server) and all devices behind my server, however I cannot ping the LAN IP address of the Beryl MT3000 (OpenVPN client) or LAN IP address of devices behind it.

The Remote LAN toggle has been enabled on both the server and client devices.

Any advice on how to fix this so that devices behind the VPN client can be accessed and pingable?

I think on Beryl you need to allow inbound traffic from the firewall all. Can you check LuCi after establishing the on tunnel and enable incoming traffic.