OpenVPN Client Management

Having problems with latency using Wireguard so using OpenVPN. When using Wireguard Server I get more information about who is connected plus I can access the remote router using etc.
OpenVPN doesn’t offer any of that, I just see Server only IP Address, no clients listed even though 3 are connected.
When will you offer better Openvpn management/diagnosis and why can I not connect to my clients the way I can with Wireguard by typing in their VPN associated UP Address

That is the difference now for OpenVpn and Wireguard.

Maybe you can just use a professional Openvpn server.

Hi Alzhao. Are you speaking from an authoritative position in Gl-iNet? I cannot help but disagree with you, why should the ar750 not be considered a professional OpenVPN Server?
Either I can adjust the server config files manually to allow for the routing back to the clients or Gl-iNet still have some further development of the UI to allow for my routing and management requirements.

You can do that. But I just mean Openvpn server management software is very mature, a lot of management functions, user management, tun and tap support etc. So as long as you can use our router for you application that is OK.

Thank you Alzhao. Basically all I want is the same management functions that are available on the Wireguard Server screen to be available on the OpenVPN screen. So that I can see who is connected and so that I can access their router UI when my computer is connected to the server subnet, exactly as I can with the Wireguard Server