OpenVPN Client on BerylAX 3000 / Setup / Troubleshooting (NordVpN)

Hi All,
So I am setting up my BerylAX 3000 for the first time, with a NordVPN client. I am running into the following issues:

  1. It says “No Internet Connection! Find a network to reconnect.” and when I try to enable the vpn client it says “The client is starting, please wait…” forever.

My computer is connected via ethernet cable to the internet, and my wifi is connected to the GL-MT3000-xxx network. (is this wrong??)

To set up the openVPN client, i downloaded the config files from nordvpn and manually uploaded them, not using the “NordVPN” button, as that would not provide me with any locations to pick from.

I did use the correct nordVPN “service credentials”.

Try plugging the ethernet cable your computer is connected to into the MT3000 (WAN-port). That way the MT3000 will have internet. Your PC can then be connected using wifi or another ethernet cable to a LAN port of the MT3000 to the internet.

Hi Groentjuh~!
Just to get this right, see below. didnt seem to work:


  • wan-port ethernet cable from my home wifi-router
  • lan-port ethernet cable to my mac

my mac

  • wifi connected to GL-MT3000-xxx network. ----> no internet (browser), “No Internet Connection! Find a network to reconnect." on the admin panel
  • wifi off → shows the lan connection via “network preferences”, no internet (browser), “No Internet Connection! Find a network to reconnect." on the admin panel
  • wifi connected to my regular wifi-network —> browser has internet, “No Internet Connection! Find a network to reconnect." on the admin panel

also, i just updated the firmware to 4.4.5

From your image, MT3000 didn’t find the Internet cable. Can you make sure MT3000’s WAN connect to your Home router’s LAN?

Pls also try other Ethernet cable in case it is the problem of the cable.

You can also set up repeater, connect MT3000 to you home wifi.

OK, so I doublechecked the ethernet cable connected to my home routers LAN, and if I connect that directly to the mac, it provides me with internet (wifi off). The cable is OK.

Setting up a repeater, connecting it to MT3000 to you home wifi. Works, the Open VPN client works.

However, Since this is a newly purchased device, I’d really like if all of the functionality would work properly. Is it possible Alfie, that the speed of my connection is too slow to establish the VPN client via ethernet? is WIFI usually faster than ethernet? (I always thought it was the other way around!)

The problem is slow. It is the Ethernet port (wan) does not work with your router.

Do you have other router/modem/switch to test if the wan port work?

Your firmware is 4.4.5? Or 4.4.6? In 4.4.6 there was a bug but should not in 4.4.5.

Firmware is 4.4.5.
Don’t have other routers to test the MT3000 WAN port with…

It would be interesting to check with a new router, if it would be any different.