"OpenVPN Client Toggle" not working as expected

I have an AR750S, firmware 3.003. Under More Settings → Button Settings, I can set the “Switch Button” to a few things. I selected “OpenVPN Client Toggle (On/Off)”.

Expected behavior:
When toggle is in the ON position, the current configured OpenVPN Client should automatically connect. If connection fails for any reason, it should automatically reconnect.
When toggle is in the OFF position, OpenVPN should be disconnected if previously active.
Bonus behavior would be that the firewall rules are automatically adjusted to pass LAN traffic to the WAN either directly or via the VPN, depending on the switch state.

Actual behavior:
Regardless of switch state, I must manually navigate to the VPN → OpenVPN Client menu and click the connect button. Switching from ON to OFF does disconnect the VPN if already connected, but switching from OFF to ON does nothing. While switch is ON, if the VPN becomes disconnected, it does not automatically reconnect.

This should be fixed in the newest firmware update.


It is a bug for v3.003, you can upgrade it to v3.004 testing firmware. The link shared by Exile1975.

Thanks, this is better!

I still find that I must connect to the web interface and manually reconnect the VPN a few times a day, though. I have noticed it try to reconnect once on its own, but if that fails it just seems to give up. Is there a way to have it continually retry?