OpenVPN client won't start up

Hoping to get some help here to get my new GL-AR300M to run its OpenVPN client to connect to my PrivateInternetAccess VPN server account.

I am able to import my .opvn file into the GUI, as you can see in the attached screenshot.

When I check the “Enable” checkbox in the manager settings panel, and then click the “Apply” button, as you see in another attached screenshot, I see a momentary change in the “Status” panel, but it returns to saying “OpenVPN is … not started”. It appears that the OpenVPN is not already started, or it failing to start up.

When I switch to the “Advanced Settings” GUI, I look for a startup log for OpenVPN, but don’t see one, and don’t see anything in the system log.

When I go to the “Services Startup” page that shows the “Initscripts”, I see that the “openvpn” item, which I assume is the client, not the server version of OpenVPN, is “disabled”. When I try to either click the “Disabled” button, hoping to enable it, or if I try the “Start” or “Restart” buttons, it fails to come up. The instructions above, on this page suggest that a reboot is necessary to have changes stick. When I try a reboot, the OpenVPN client does not come up either.

At this point, I’m thinking that I will have to ssh into the box and try to find the raw config files and turn on logging to try to see what is wrong, but that will be a whole lot of work…

Does anybody have any advice about what is wrong, or what I’m doing wrong?


Dont use Luci to operate this, which may brick the config.

In your 2nd picture, there is no ovpn config chosen in the select box. Is this the problem?

Same problem here. How did you resolve the problem of upload of .ovpn files? It states “could not start open vpn” via port 1194. No logging available. Please helpm