OpenVPN Disconnects Overnight Or During Usage

Hello All!

just wanted to Say Hi! to the community and wanted to see if someone can help me with something issues that i have been seeing with my “GL-MT300N-V2-766” Router, im not that advance tech-guy but here goes:

When connecting to OpenVPN i upload the files and log-in my credentials and i setup the DNS in to /, everything seems to be working perfectly but after a while it disconnects from the VPN server…BUT it still says that it is “connected” but when i try to use my Roku device it tells me that im not in US territory, but if i reboot and re-connect and/or change the DNS settings it will start to work normally. and it starts to get really frustrated that i had to go manually and do that to keep using my Tv, sometimes when i do this changes the mini GL disappears and doesn’t re-appear until i fully disconnect the power from the GL and/or i have to use the reset button. or hangs idle but cant connect the GL until i have to reset or let it sit there for a while.

the current vpn provider that im using is “SurfShark” and wanted to know if it is the Service it self? the router? or would you think that i need to downgrade the firmware of the GL mini.

Note* GL is running Firmware 2.271

any help would be appreciated Thank you!

Try the new frimware:

I would advise changing from Google DNS > Cloudfare.
Are you using to a USA server?
You are connected but it is disconnected? Do you mean the firmware says connected but the internet has stopped? This is normally a problem with the ovpn file (search vpn reconnect)

THANKS!!!..Glitch will have to do a new firmware update see if this helps out, and to answer both of you questions.

• Yes im trying to connect to a USA server
• Yes on the GL Interface it says connected but i have no internet connection. and if i do have internet connection im flag on my devices that i am not inside US territory. In which case this would pointless to have the OpenVPN.

i will give it a shot see if the new firmware helps a more stable connection to the US server and doesn’t drop like i said it any info would help and thanks again!