OpenVPN & GoogleWifi

Hi All,

I have purchased a GL-MT300N-V2 and I am looking to allow the VPN to work but for only 1 device on my whole network. I have a router from my ISP in modem mode which then connects to 3 google wifi nodes. The main node connects to a switch which I run various things from including home security camera’s, so I do not want these running through a VPN.

I am mainly using the VPN to connect to a streaming device that will be hardwired via ethernet into one of the google wifi nodes in another area of the house. So is it possible to have only this device run through the VPN and leave all other devices?


Yes. You can connect MT300N-V2 as one client (wired or wireless) then set up vpn on it.

Can you let me know how?

Just set up the router connecting to your switch

Then set up vpn OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs

Thanks I understand that but how do I enable it so that only the 1 device uses the VPN and the rest do not.

Or is it not possible to only allow 1 device to use the vpn?

You need “policy-based routing” as routing is typically done by the destination IP, not the source.

See, for example, Search results for 'policy routing' - OpenWrt Forum

VPN->VPN Policies

Or only connected your VPN required client to the Mango and everything else to the Google WiFi/Switch depending on final setup.

Thanks for this however I do not have the VPN policies option to select in the dropdown… I am running v3.012. Has this option been removed?

3.012 does not have. Pls upgrade to 3.026

Ok thank you for that