Openvpn not work with expressvpn

i need use expressvpn in china . now i am in italy i tried setup connection with expressvpn site . not work ,cannot import configuration file . this VPN site work very well with Windows openvpn and android openvpn client .

where is the problem ?

i also tried ppt connection not work <span lang=“en”>continuously connect and after a few second disconnect</span> , in my android phone work very well . seeme some bug in ppt

please help.

>>> cannot import configuration file

You answered your own question.

yes this is the problem but not the solution . infact now work but i need import manually and made little change . with all other client I import configuration file work without problem.

now i woking to find solution for pptp.

What is the detailed problem when you import the configuration files?

Did you check this:


BTW: This may not work in China because they block openvpn protocol and vpn server IP addresses.

the problem is: when try to import ovpn file , not save the file .

the coomand “auth-user-pass” inside ovpn file is not accepted or recognized .

after remove this command is possible to import the file .

then need add manually , but not work no ask for username and password .

in link you send me show need username and password . but in this firmware release not work .

also my home own vpn need username and password and have the same problem .

need to fix auth-user-pass command .

for me NOW WORK because i change manually the command auth-user-pass in "auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/auth.txt "

where inside auth.txt are written username and password.

but all must do manually cannot import file.


pptp with my server not work because continuly connect and disconnect .

I fix it whit these two command inside /etc/ppp/options.pptp

lcp-echo-failure 20
lcp-echo-interval 5
maybe the value are not the best but with these the connection not drop down .

also pptp connection have problem , when disconnect reset wifi connection and somethime hang .

this is bad way to restore route impostatiion.

sure this firmware need work to fix al lot of bug.

i have a lot of big router like asus tplink and dlink . they work without problem and more more fast .

but this is very little and good to have inside my bag , I think after fix some bug will be good portable router .

I have two pieces of this router . maybe will be my solution in china .

because past wweek when I was in china I discovered that openvpn with japan site work very very fast and i may watch italian stream TV.

impossible to do with openvpn italian server too slow .