OpenVPN Port 446 Issue - Slate AX VPN Server

I recently started having issues connecting to my OpenVPN Server.

On the client (iphone), I see following in logs:


Server Poll Timeout, trying next remote entry


I checked port 446 is open on TCP on Xfinity Router.

Interestingly, I have this server setup at 2 locations and both not working. BTW, I needs to be OPENVPN. WG is blocked at university where iphone needs to operate as client.

I would guess that port 446 might be blocked as well?

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It shows open on Xfinity app. How can I check if port is blocked other than Xfinity app?

By open it and testing from some other service, like a server or a different device.
If you like, PM me your IP and I will test it for you.

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Thanks it’s resolved. Seems I had to delete the port forward and set it up again. Known Xfinity bug. I might still send you other server and port that’s in different server and not accessible to me.

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