OpenVPN roulette

Hi All,

I just started using the MT300a with OpenVPN. Very satisfied so far.

However, I am not comfortable with the fact that my privacy depends on the robustness of a single tunnel or a single VPN server.

I would like to create a script that manages multiple concurrent OpenVPN tunnels to a pool of random servers and rotates them regularly. This is the logical flow of what I am trying to achieve:

Block1 - repeat 6 times

select random config file unless it is flagged (see further steps)

start tunnel

verify tunnel is up. If not flag the file and start at the beginning of the block

start a random timer between 30 and 90 minutes

add static route, NAT and forwarding policies

Block2-regularly check each tunnel is up

if not, flag file and execute block 1 once

Block3-when timer expires

prevent new sessions towards the tunnel

wait for active streams to expire or complete (maybe reduce TCP timeouts beforehand)

delete static route, NAT and forwarding policies

delete tunnel

execute block 1 once


So, in theory, this should keep 6 concurrent connections active, each lasting on average an hour, and distribute connections randomly among them.

Have any of you attempted anything similar or are you aware of any possible limitation?



Well, good setting up. But I am not sure if this is necessary and if you can make a stable version of this setup.

It’s probably not necessary for most set ups. But if you have increased privacy needs it would be good to be able to spread information across hundreds of different servers, ideally belonging to different companies and under different jurisdictions.

I am still considering it. My scripting skills are limited, but I might give it a go if no one points out any limitation that I haven’t foreseen.