OpenVPN Server behind ISP Router

I use a GL-MT300N as an OpenVPN client to access my home network which runs an OpenVPN server, on a Radpberry Pi, behind my ISP router.

With the GL-MT300Nv2 now including an OpenVPN server can I use it to replace the Raspberry Pi (which I would like to sue for something else).

I.e. I would like to point incoming VPN traffic to the same LAN network that the VPN WAN port is connected to.


Yeah, I think it does.

Thanks for the quick reply but I have failed to achieve this. When I connect in via VPN I am only able to connect to a device connected beyond the MT300N - i.e. in the MT300N’s own DHCP address range.

i cannot seem to brodge back to my existing LAN.

Any advice would be appreciated.