OpenVpn Server lost Access Local Network funktion

Hello everybody,
I know I had a lot of questions, here hopefully is my last. Yesterday my OpenVpn connection established with two GL-MT300n-v2 worked fine. Today my ISP recycles my Internet connection at home. I can connect to the VPN Server but have no Internet access. So I think the server lost the Access Local Network funktion. Is that possible? What might be wrong? Ther Server itself has the same IP as yesterday, the UDP Port is open to public, I have dyndns access to the VPNServer as yesterday, but no internet connection with the VPNServer. That’s why I have the idea, that he lost the Access Local Network funktion. Can I automatically restart the server (every morning at 6am) with a change of the server config file? Or is it an other broblem because the router lost the Internet connection for a minute, before it established a new one and the “WAN Side” had the problem that it not recycles automatically. Puh…I hope you can follow me ;), I try my best.

Are you the UDP port is still available? You can try it in your Mobile phone, to confirm the server is working or not, it might caused by OpenVPN client.

Thanks for the answer. The server solve the problem by it’s own. Suddenly it works and I do nothing for it. :smile: