OpenVPN server on MT300N-v2

I’m considering setting up a home VPN server. So far I narrowed it down to 2 choices: A Rasperry Pi, or a router. I just need a VPN for casual web browsing in case I have to use a public Wi-Fi network, and the reason why I need to set up a home-based one is because some websites that I use block public VPNs, and even IP addresses from Amazon/Microsoft/etc, I tried setting up a VPN on cloud services and they didn’t work for those websites.
So, in your opinion, do you think that the MT300N-v2 is a good option? Also, the most important thing that I concern about is that does it support DDNS for setting up a VPN server, since my Internet provider doesn’t assign me a static IP address.
Thank you!

if time is money then around $20 on a mt300v2 is going to get you very far.

check out the 3.0