OpenVPN Server over a existing VPN Client?

Hi Guys,

I would like to integrate the GL-Inet 300M router with an OpenVpn server or Wireguard server in my network. I thought that I could now use my cell phone outside the network via VPN or Wireguard (encrypted internet) via my Asus router. Here the traffic is filtered with an addon (redirection) via firewall and ad blocker.

Now I tried to configure died. Unfortunately, I fail to get no internet on the device or the client is unable to connect to the server.
Can you tell me if this configuration works as intended?


I am not sure how do you want to set up the network. As you have vpn on Asus router and you want to put a vpn server in your network. If that is the case you should not put your AR300M behind the vpn of Asus.

Hi Kenji,
Base on your using, I suggest you to change the location of GL-AR300M and your ASUS.
So you can connect your home devices from your smartphone via OpenVPN/Wireguard server.
And all your home devices can have OpenVPN client services from ASUS router. That’s my home network topology , just I’m using GL-MV1000 as my VPN server then a pair of GL-B1300 mesh with OpenVPN client to provide my home wifi coverage .