Openvpn site-to-site

practically openvpn does not accept connection??

My result is the same as yours
I configured what I thought was the correct firewall and static routing, the same result

I understand so I will use wireguard. is there any additional configuration?

If you use wireguard, you can refer to our site2site feature

following the guide I find the connection established. but I can’t communicate between the 2 networks. with the first mt300n-v2 I created the node connecting it with the Wan port to my home router with the second mt300n-v2 I used a data SIM and I connected to the LAN port but I can’t see the home network and not even that of my router with data SIM. what error do you make?

Please add your home subnet on your first 300n-v2

thanks, now from the node I can access the main but not the other way around. should it be possible?

If you want to reverse access, you need to add subnets to the corresponding node

it works, thanks for the support. I have only one question, now to access I must be connected to the LAN port of the two devices. now how can I access my home network directly so as to keep the device attached to the router with only the Wan cable?

Do you need direct access to your home network from the Internet?
Why don’t you just open a port on your home router?
You can also turn on the 300N-V2’s remote access and access your home network through the router.

no, I would like to use my MT300N-VN as if it were a PC connected to my home network and then with only one cable on the Wan port. it’s possible? so that from my home network I can access the remote network

To build a site2site network, at least one node must have a public IP. If not, you need to set up port forwarding on your main router

right, my device is connected to my adsl router via Wan but if I try to access the network of my second device via VPN from the PC connected to my adsl router it does not work.

You’d better draw a simple topology

Where is the “second device”?

the second device is the VPN client with GL-Inet

You need to configure the adls router and add a static routing table
Assuming your adls LAN interface is br-lan, you may need to add routing rules like the following

ip route add dev br-lan

my adsl router does not allow to do this. Is it possible to do it from GL-Inet?

Your adsl router doesn’t have the correct routing rules, so the data won’t go to gl-router at all, there’s no other way for now