OpenVPN smartcard support witk PKCS11

Hello support team!

Bought a couple of MT300N and I’m VERY satisfied with them!

Just a question: would you please add PKCS11 support when you compile and build OpenVPN-openssl .ipk?

Thank you from Rome, Italy.

…or maybe provide instructions to compile with --enable-pkcs11 build option in the SDK?

It seems that no one need this feature. Maybe you can use LEDE official SDK

to build with --enable-pkcs11 option. We are on vacation now.

Thank you for the hint.

I cloned the OpenVPN git source in the “package” folder

How can I pass the --enable-pkcs11 option to the compiler?

Happy vacations!!!


You can do this: compile the package by yourself and install the ipk to replace the old one.

Be sure to use the correct toolchain.
V2.27 is using lede 17.01.04 and older versions are using openwrt cc1505

Hello and thank you for your support and excellents products.
So I can download this

in the SDK?
But I’ll have to create a custom makefile!
Would you please help me with this?

Happy new year from Italy,

No, you don’t need to download original openvpn software to compile.

You only need to download Openwrt/LEDE 17.01 and compile openvpn with the option you needed.

The option It’s not present in “menuconfig”, I’ve manually modified
with --enable-pkcs11
The build fails with error:
configure: error: PKCS11 enabled but libpkcs11-helper is missing
I have installed dependencies on host system with no results…
Thank you!

Dear support team,
I will work on this today but your help would be highly appreciated!

we are still in Chinese new year holiday and cannot do too much. What you can do is to modify the Makefile or the current openvpn package then update the version and configure. Then have a try.

I’ll give this a try, Thank you!
See you soon

Still in trouble…
Managed to pass the pkcs11-helper…OK check made by configure script,
fixed some source code path issues,
but LD can’t find .so for the final build!

If cannot find .so generally it is because openwrt make file lack of dependencies

Would you please follow up this issue?
Do you mean dependencies in the host system, the one with the SDK installed?
I’ve installed the whole OpenSC suite, maybe package names or versions don’t match?

I am not available to compile firmware in the following two weeks. I will check if I have a chance.
I mean Makefile for openvpn openwrt packages.

Hi @alzhao
Do you mean this file?
[SDK ROOT DIR]/package/network/services/openvpn/Makefile
Thank you

Yes exactly. You can find that there is some DEPS files.

Lacking the deps package is generally the reason of missing .so file.

Still stuck with compiling OpenVPN with this option.
It’s a bit mission-critical so I’d really appreciate your help.

Sorry, if you can’t help me can you please point me some other user or colleague who can solve this build issue?
Thank you very much,

You can search google or lede and seems other people is also discussing OpenVPN smart card support [PKCS11] - #5 by geepsee - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

I tried and met the same problem.