OpenVPN Split-Tunnel Routes on GL-AXT1800

Hi all, I’m currently using my GL-AXT1800 as an OpenVPN server. I VPN into this router every day for work, and I recently noticed that this has been working as a no-split connection, so all my Internet traffic is funneling through the VPN.

Is there a tutorial out there for configuring the router (or client) to work as a split tunnel? I notice that the VPN is installing dual /1 networks - and, which is how it’s making my PC use the VPN rather than my local default route due to the more specific subnet masks. It’s also not passing any LAN routes - I must be accessing those resources via the /1 routes.

Ultimately, this would be a simple task if I could edit the routes, but I can’t figure that part out. I tried doing this via the “Server Route Rule” but adding subnets here didn’t affect my local routes. I would also need to remove the /1 routes and I’m not sure how to do that.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

While I don’t have a fix for this yet, I was able to manually pull the /1 routes from the table via Windows route commands, and then I added the LAN subnets manually as well. Not sure yet if I’ll need to do this everytime I fire up the VPN.

I’ve seen a few other threads about these routes causing problems. Very surprised the GL router isn’t able to control VPN routes, that seems like an incredibly basic feature.

You can try “Customize Routing Rules” mode at admin panel - VPN Dashboard

It is, but not using the simple interface. Since it’s a complete router based on OpenWRT feel free to install luci and use any advanced features you like.

Solve this on the client side by adding push-filter-ignore instructions.

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Quick update - the routes do need to be deleted each time, it’s a 30 second operation so not too bad, but it’d be nice to not have to do it.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I’m a network engineer by trade but I’m not familiar with luci, OpenWRT, etc. If anyone has detailed instructions, it would be much appreciated.

@hansome - How can the Routing Rules be used to delete the /1 routes? It appears to only allow adding routes. I also tried using this to push routes down and it did not work, so I’m not clear on how this part of the dashboard is meant to be used.

You only need to turn mode, then the and route will be removed.