OpenVPN vs IKEv2: OpenWRT router client to pfSense

Does anyone have experience in setting up a VPN using OpenVPN or IPSEC/IKEv2 from OpenWRT to pfSense? My use case is that I have a pfSense firewall setup on my home server that I want to connect to using my OpenWRT travel router.

I understand that IKEv2 is optimized for mobile so it’s lightweight and reconnects quickly compared to OpenVPN. The main purpose is to access ESXi and unRAID connected to the home pfSense router on the road without routing all my traffic through. I just want to route traffic on the 10.0.10.x subnet to access my servers at home. Is that possible?

I’ve been trying with different configurations with IPSEC/IKEv2 and it’s not really working. Can anyone suggest guides for client+server setup? Many thanks

If you use openvpn there is no problem IPSec does not work on the router.