OpenVPN w VPN Policy & DNS Config

I have a GL-AR750 with an OpenVPN client configured to access my home network.
For convenient use, I configured in luci that DNS queries for my private domain (mydomain.priv) are forwarded to a DNS server in my private network. This was generally working fine.

Now, I need to access a specific DNS domain without going over VPN. So I configured a VPN Domain/IP policy for eactly that: “Do not use VPN for the following” and listed the one domain (

But with this VPN policy set up, the previously configured DNS forwarding to my private DNS server stopped working. Host names at my home network cannot be resolved anymore. IP communication is still working.

Does anybody have an idea where to look to resolve this? Thx.

If you use domain based policy, the domain need to be solved locally. So it cannot resolve your private domain.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.

There is a domain abc for which DNS requests shall be sent to an upstream DNS server on the VPN and there is another domain xyz for which traffic must not go over VPN.
These are two rules that should be pretty independent from one another. I don’t see why preventing traffic for domain xyz go over VPN should interfere with name resolution for domain abc being forwarded to a specific DNS server on the VPN.

Can you share your DNS configuration?

Can you share your DNS configuration?

What exactly would you like to see? Any specific screenshots? Or can I get the whole picture somewhere on the shell?

I would like to know your configuration mode. Do you configure static host or manually fill in DNS Settings? Can you give me some screenshots?

Hi, here are screenshots of my DNS setup.

And from luci