OpenVPN with IPv6 on Client GL-MT300N-V2

Hey everyone,

I cannot get IPv6 working with my VPN (which supports IPv6).
Device: GL-MT300N-V2

What I want to achieve: Connect to VPN via OpenVPN with IPv6 support on client device.

What I did:

  1. Generate OVPN-Config for a VPN with IPv6 support
  2. Activate IPv6 in GUI of GL-MT300N-V2
  3. Upload OVPN in GUI and connect
  4. Tried to access a IPv6 only site => does not work :frowning:
    Check on unsuccessful (only IPv4 from VPN)

Any ideas how I can get it working?

Check out these posts:

Thanks for the hints, I investigated further but cannot get it to work:

  • if I ssh into the router while VPN is active I am able to reach ipv6 only sites via curl within the router
  • if I execute the same curl on the client device connected via lan, I cannot reach the website

Does the client get an ipv6 address? Does the client get IPv6 routes?

This is what I see on the client when connected to the router:
Screenshot from 2024-03-15 14-11-06