OPENVPN with Stunnel

With the Deep packet inspection in a lot of countries, the need for Stunnel increase. I figure out how to configure OPENVPN with Stunnel Server on my raspberry pi.

But to install the OPENVPN client With Stunnel in any of the GL-inet routers is my mystery.

Please help us with the Step by step configurations.

  • Firstly, you must ssh to router, install stunnel ipk via opkg update && opkg install stunnel
  • Secondly, edit /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf, it is the same as server, maybe you know how to do. If not, see this.

if you inside GFW, stunnel already blocked by “uncle wall”, but openvpn still work fine. or you may try v2ray, Now at least both are work perfectly.(I always travel between inside and outside GFW)

OpenVPN is blocked in various places, but not all.

Hello Kyson,

Thank you for your reply, I would appreciate if you can more specific.
I install stunnel through the App repo through the GL-inet interface not through the Luci. I already have the stunnel configuration.
can You explain to me step by step how to get into the Stunnel.conf file and how I make the stunnel service to Autostart with the router.

Sorry for that, I never try to stunnel ever.

This is really a question for the Stunnel team - I suggest you ask there.