OpenVPN without DHCP


I am new to this. but i need some help.

Is it possible to have a GL Inet device to handle only VPN behind my current router?

My current router handles the NAT and DHCP.

I have not bought the device yet.


Yes, you should be able to use a GL.iNet router as a VPN endpoint behind your current router (assuming it can forward the ports to the GL.iNet router).

Your choice of VPN protocol(s) and the throughput that you desire/require should guide your choice of a unit that has sufficient computational power. (Hint: OpenVPN is computationally expensive compared to WireGuard)

Many of theGL.iNet devices have estimates of their OpenVPN and WireGuard throughput. My own testing suggests that the numbers that GL.iNet quotes are reasonable estimates (as opposed to inflated marketing claims that some other manufacturers might provide).


I think I was a little unclear about what i need.

i need the GL.inet device to act as at client on my network.

Yes, the GL.iNet devices that I am familiar with can act as an OpenVPN client and/or a WireGuard peer (“client” to another WireGuard instance) and can be configured to route traffic through the VPN tunnel.

Does it works like all traffic from lan to wan will be sent through vpn? Even if the ip addresses come from my current router?

If you’ve properly configured it, there will be an encrypted packet stream between your public IP address and your VPN endpoint’s IP address. The traffic past that point will have a public IP address that your VPN endpoint “chooses”. (Most consumer-targeted VPNs employ “NAT” at the server/peer.)

Yes… the B1300 is my WG endoint into my LAN, and there, it’s configured as an AP.