OpenVPNServer LAN access fails - GlinetMT300N-V2

mobile phone => INET => {78.x.x.x}DSLRouter{}=>{}GlinetMT300N-V2{}=> … 192.168.0.x

i just bought a glinet mt330n router - updated it with newest firmare 3.201 and configured openvpn server.
i can establish a vpn connection successfully. the problem is i cannot ping network 192.168.0.x endpoints, except glinet router.
i am using it only as router+dns+dhcp server - wireless device is turned off.

the openvpn server seems not to work if lan default gateway is set to (tplink r605 - my server subnet) - so i left it blank.

any ideas ?



Could you ping MT300N-V2( from openvpn client?

hi riho,

i can ping

successfully…but thats it…nothing else.

my router config is straightforward…no exotic settings.

i am really surprised why these basic functionality is not working.

it took me 10 minutes to create a sit2site vpn with tp-link 605 routers.