OpenWrt 22.03 EoL April 2024

OpenWrt 22.03 EOL in April 2024

The OpenWrt 22.03 series will be supported till April 2024 according to the OpenWrt security policy. The last release from the OpenWrt 22.03 series is planned for April 2024, after this date we will not provide any updates for OpenWrt 22.03, not even for severe security problems. We encourage everyone to upgrade to OpenWrt 23.05 which will be supported till 2025.

Now that 22.03 has been EoL for a few months, when will gl-inet firmware pick up OpenWrt 23.05?

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Some of us have routers that are still under support that are running 3.216, which is based on Openwrt 19.07.8. Despite many promises, GL iNet still has not released 4.x for all their supported routers.

Weirdly enough, the final release of 22.03 hasn't happened yet.

The Openwrt developers are busy with the 6.6 kernel and the latest version of 23.05, it's also unknown if 24.xx will be this year.