OpenWRT build environment for 19.07.2 version

Hello fellow members, hello @alzhao.

I dare disturbing you for a matter that only you can solve.

I need to build an image for a GL-AR300M.
It has to be a clean image of OpenWRT, 19.07.2 version, and it has to be NAND aware.
Owrt imagebuilder unfortunately introduced this feature only starting from later releases, and in the ath79 branch instead of the ar71xx.

But for a very precise reason I need to build a 19.07.2 clean image (only LuCi), based on ar71xx branch, and NAND aware.
The openwrt imagebuilder for this defaults on NOR, so it is useless to me in this situation.

I would be really, really grateful to anyone pointing me to the right imagebuilder, as I can’t find it anywhere, but I know you have a custom one since a long time!

Peace and happiness to all of you,

@alzhao (or any other admin of the forum), i found this archive

Is it suitable to build a clean 19.07.2 firmware for the AR300M, on the NAND?

To use our imagebuilder, this is the correct one GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section.

But I think all upated to ath79 for now.

Why do you want 19.07 but ar71xx? Does 18.06 work for you?

Hello guru!
the reason I need such specific environment is because on top of it I will load a special UI layer, designed upon 19.07.2 build, that I didn’t write myself and I’m not able to adapt to a different build.
The ath79 branch might still work though. I can make an attempt.
Can you tell me what to do with these command

​$ cd glinet
$ git tag

in order to have a clean 19.07.2 build for NAND with no glinet panel?

The imagebuilder is built on a certain openwrt version.

I don’t think there is one for 19.07.2.

I see…anything as close as possible?
I guess running on top of a 19.07 could be already enough compatibility.
Perhaps you have 19.07.8, that was a big milestone for openwrt?
How can I see what version I’m going to build?
Is there a git tag for clean owrt with version in the name?
Or, in another manner, can you tell me what is the magic to make a NAND aware image, so I can make my own repo? :sweat_smile:

Can you accept ath79 target or has to be ar71xx?

Ideally if you could provide both I can make different attempts, and see the most suitable, as long as there is the NAND aware magic! :crazy_face:

I am sorry but making patches is very time consuming. I hope you can just try what there is.