OpenWRT version on GL-AP1300

I believe this is a newish device to the GL lineup (the beginning of last year). I have just dropped to the command line to setup some bits and I notice it’s running OpenWRT 15.05.1 which is from Sept 2016 and no longer maintained by OpenWRT. Are there any plans to update it to the newer branches? What does this mean for security issues / vulnerabilities? Sorry new to GL devices, is this normal?

It can be the follow official release of firmware are newer than your used one:

For newer one, pls wait some hour or days for official statement for actual snapshot firmware:

I am using the latest 3.105 firmware which is using OpenWRT 15.05.1, I just wanted to know if this would be moving to a newer / supported version.

For AP1300 it uses Qualcomm SDK which is based on 1505. It is old be it is patched with security patches. When you upgrade to 1907 you may loose the original wifi driver which performance better.

Oh that’s a shame. I thought the AP1300 was quite a new device, I didn’t realise the underlying hardware was that old. My fault for not checking before buying :frowning: