Opinions are needed for next generation of Brume

Hi there, we’re making the next generation of Brume. Brume (GL-MV1000) is an edge gateway designed for wired high speed internet connection. For the next generation, we have some rough ideas, and we need your help to finalize. Please cast your vote for the THREE most important features you need:

  • Compact size
  • USB 3.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 2.5G Multi-Gig Ethernet port
  • Type-C power input
  • Metal case
  • Plastic case
  • LED for VPN
  • LED for customization
  • Mode switch button
  • TF card slot

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If your desired options are not included above, please leave comment below.


Extended temperature range / environmental certification would be very nice. Hard to find a good (reliable) industrial router for a decent price.

Please no fan. Fans are normally the first thing to break and they are noisy.


Look at the Nanopi R5S. It’s about $80 bucks.
Use that platform :+1:

Besides not having wifi, can you explain the differences between the GL-MV1000 as an “Edge Computing Gateway” and other GL.iNet routers? I have the GL-MV1000W model with 2.4GHz wifi and I can plug in a 5GHz USB wifi adapter, so it becomes just like the other routers.

I think all the features in your survey can apply to all future GL.iNet routers. If you turn off wifi on the new GL-AXT1800, it could be an improved GL-MV1000 and be able to perform all the core functions.

Although more expensive and larger, I currently use an Asus RT-AX88U as my main “edge” router, with the 802.11ax wifi turned off, and it has some features that you can also consider:

  • At least 5 LAN ports
  • At least 2 USB 3,.0 ports
  • WAN+LAN port aggregation and failover
  • WAN+USB port aggregation and failover

Of course, much depends on the price point and target market for the next generation of Brume. When I previously worked in data center management with Cisco networking, perhaps the most critical criteria are actually that “edge” devices be secure and reliable 24x365 … they are devices that you just “set it and leave it” to just run.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet


Thanks for sharing. The R5S hardware and enclosure looks really nice. :grinning:

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beniamin said:
Look at the Nanopi R5S. It’s about $80 bucks.
Use that platform :+1:

If that reply was to me, you generally need something that’s more like 85C in an industrial space.

There’s no plan to put a fan in the Brume 2, since it doesn’t have WiFi.


GL-MV1000W has very poor WiFi performance and it causes a lot of problems. For the next generation of Brume, users can still use USB WiFi adapter to have wireless connections. Without built-in WiFi, the product can be much smaller but with much better computing speed. That’s the purpose of making this product.


Awesome to see so many people vote on the 2.5GB port & USB-C!

These 2 are a absolute must and I’m very much looking forward to adding the Brume 2 to my network :smile: :pray:

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For the people who vote LED customization, can you tell me what specific things you want to customize?


I didn’t vote for this, but I would assume different colors for customized tasks, make it blink when someone accesses the panel/ssh, or set the color depending to which VPN you are connected (for example blue for nordvpn, red for expressvpn).

That’s just my thinking though, not sure what else I’d use it for🤷‍♂️


I do think the main configuration would be ‘turn LED off, until anything is broken and needs attention (no internet, faulty logins, …)’

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not likely to provide LED color configuration, but on/off is okay.

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Support for more dongles / dongles that can do both 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously!

Would love to see official dongle support spread to other GL-inet products as well.

Sincerely, a satisfied customer whose primary router is a Brume (without built-in wifi) plus an officially supported Alfa dongle.

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How about better VPN speeds and finally bring the brume to OpenWRT 21.x

It’s on the plan of product development.

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The next generation of Brume will be launched soon, please subscribe to the email list for pre-order benefits: GL-MT2500 / Brume 2 - GL.iNet


Beautiful design!
Gives me Apple TV/Mac Studio vibes. Love it!:sparkling_heart:

Great to see the 2.5Gb port, shame the wireguard speed is so low though. Hopefully in the next product that’ll be increased :slight_smile:

Looking forward to pre-order! Best looking device so far.

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