Option missing to input NextDNS ID when using DNS over HTTPS

Just received the router today, I am really impressed with the new firmware so far and the fact that I don’t have to use Adguardhome to have DoH anymore.

I cannot find the option to input the NextDNS ID, it’s there when I select DNS-over-TLS but I cannot use that because I experience some throttling on my 5G cellular connection using it.

I am on v4.0.0 beta8

You are right. There is no options to use nextdns ID in DNS over HTTPs.

Maybe you can modify the backend data and just add your ID manually?

But please note this file may be updated.


Okay thanks for that, will try that.

Is there plans to make this as you have with DNS-over-TLS where we can input the ID without modifying the backend data?

It is a dynamic list so not easy to do that. Also the special need for nextdns need new UI which is big problem.

How do I make the changes stick, I made the changes to the public-resolver,md file and saved all the changes, however the DOH list still just shows the same generic NextDNS resolver. If I reboot the router all the changes to the file are lost.