4.0.1 beta1 - adguardhome not working Flint/SlateAX - DoH Security Problem

I have updated both the Flint and SlateAX, this is what I am seeing. Encrypted DNS DoH is also not working which is what I used adguardhome for.

I cannot open the settings page either.

I’ve had to stop adguardhome and use the DNS option under More Settings, however I cannot use my NextDNS ID this way; I have tried to change the back-end config files for Doh with no success.

You changed the settings in adguard home? How did you do that?

No, I have not changed settings in adguardhome because I can’t access the setting page.

I upgraded the firmware to the latest release, I kept all the settings the same.

How did I do what? Changed the back-end config files? I ssh into router and modified the NextDNS address in the public-resolvers.md file as you suggested in this post here.
Screenshot 2022-07-12 142017

Happened to me as well, it was because I have updated adguard in adguard settings page and then flashed 4.0.1 beta1 firmware with keep settings which restored the old binary but kept the adguard settings which is not compatible with old bersion due to a schema change.

I got it working by manually downloading the 107.7 binary from adguards github.

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How did you go about updating it on the router after manually downloading it? Also which one did you download?

its the armv7 file, I extracted it on my pc using 7zip and use sftp to transfer the binary to router.
replace /etc/AdGuardHome/AdGuardHome binary with the new one and it should work.

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Ended up doing factory reset. I messed a lot of things up and I had the adguardhome setup wizard to deal with which I couldn’t get pass figuring out the DNS port 53 issue. I really appreciate your advice/help!

I actually have the same issue, DNS over HTTPS doesn’t work. In my case it keeps using the previous DoT settings, and completely ignores DoH.