Orbi Satellite RBS750 can't sync to RBR750 on AP Mode all behind a GL-MT2500


This is my current setup:

ISP > GL-MT2500 > Orbi RBR750 Router (Set to access point mode) > Orbi RBS750 Satellite (Can’t connect)

I found this article on the Netgear support site: I can't connect to my Orbi WiFi 6E System while it's in access point mode; what can I do? | Answer | NETGEAR Support

On my GL-MT2500, I went to Network > Firewall > Port Forwards

However, I can’t figure out what Firewall port forwarding settings to do, can you help?

Thank you so much!

The easiest and secure way to access your Orbi Mesh AP from Internet is setting up WireGuard / OpenVPN on GL-2500 first(remember to have "allow remote access LAN option checked), then you connect to your router through VPN, then you can check Orbi AP’s internal IP from GL-2500’s “Clients” section on web UI, then you can direct open web browser by IP to access it.

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Thanks for your response!

However, I’m not having issues accessing my overall network. I’m only having issues connecting my mesh Satellite to my mesh router set in AP mode. Looks like I need to configure some port forwarding on my Brume 2 in order for my mesh Satellite to properly communicate with the mesh router. Any ideas? Thanks again!